Leverage Innovative Sales & Marketing Technology Solutions to Maximize Success​

MMC's platform is a comprehensive growth generator delivering end-to-end solutions across all channels.

Customer Data Platform​

Customer Relationship Management​

Customer Service Center

Insight Engine​

Omnichannel Contact Center

Marketing Automation Platform

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Partnering with Key Technology Vendors

We manage a variety of technology platforms and vendors offering leading integrated solutions to give you complete access and insight into your current and prospective customers.  

Executing an Omnichannel Strategy

Our platform is integrated across channels to maximize reach. We can deliver multiple messages to different target audiences at various touchpoints in the customer journey.

Your brand message will be deployed to the right group at the right time through the best channel generating the maximum number of connections and conversions.


Our sales professionals sell your brand directly to your customers.

Live Video

We engage your customers in real-time through the power of live video.

Direct Mail

Optimize conversions with customized mail tailored to your audience.


Highly effective emails sent to your prospects and customers.

Digital Ads

Search engines, mobile apps, websites, and more.

Content Marketing

Relevant and consistent content to attract and retain your audience.


Human-powered two-way text message conversations.

Live Chat

Enhanced customer service experience to increase conversions.


Builds brand awareness, increases sales, and drives web traffic.

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