Data & Analytics

MMC has access to the largest and most comprehensive data set on all Pro types in the U.S. We continually collect data through our daily interactions with Pros and augment this core data through a series of key partnerships. This results in actionable data on approximately 5.5 million contractors, builders, designers, manufacturers, distributors, R&R, architects, and engineers. We utilize this data for reaching, marketing, selling, and servicing the Pro.

When partnering with Distributors:

We aggregate first-party buying and behavioral data with MMC’s industry-leading first- and third-party data assets.


We then use our analytics engine to design a unique channel strategy based on the total addressable universe. We use predictive modeling to target and segment for 1:1 marketing.

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Next, we execute customer journeys, engaging with Pros in their preferred channel. We track all engagement so that data can be run through our analytics engine and inform ongoing strategic marketing.


When partnering with Manufacturers:

We tap into our vast network of Pro data to increase awareness and demand. We use our analytics to segment and then create targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns, all while building up the Manufacturer's outreach.


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