The homeowner buying experience is ready for reinvention​

A direct sales solution for building products manufactures and distributors that coordinates sales, distribution, install and loyalty.


Revolutionize The Home Improvement Sales Process

A new class of data & transparency

We provide each manufacturer with real-time visibility and data showing how your products are being positioned and sold at the kitchen table. This newly created data will drive the decisions a manufacturer makes (marketing, sales, and product development) and utilize data that has never existed before.

Build a Contractor Network

Create a 1:1 relationship with contractors who buy a manufacturer’s products by providing an outlet for feedback which includes helping you build a contractor database for marketing efforts

Provide visibility into conversations at the kitchen table

Our solution gives manufacturers the ability to help control the presentation of their products providing visibility into point of sale.​

Differentiate your brand to your Contractor Network

We enable manufacturers to build a more loyal network by providing an additional value add to the businesses they work with. We will add your product brochures and presentations directly into our platform, allowing easy access to your marketing materials for contractors to include in proposals to homeowners.​

Distribute Leads to Contractors

Collect and distribute homeowner leads directly from your website or landing page to your contractor network through an automated process directly into a contractor’s instance of our all-in-one sales platform.

Coordinate and deliver products to home via multi-distribution network

Coordinate product delivery and installation using our multi-distribution network. Onboard customers, including product registration and warranties to promote customer satisfaction.

Do you experience the following pain
points with your current market path?

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  • Limited-to-no downstream customer visibility and data

  • Lack of ability to reach builders, contractors, and end-users due to multi-step distribution model

  • Channel suppressing products with multiple categories and competing brands

  • Distribution's competing priorities and goals

  • COVID-19, online purchasing, and digital generations are heavily disrupting supply chain

  • Desire to implement direct-selling, but lack the time and resources

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