A Look Back at a Built-to-Last Strategy

Founder Dan Babcock catches up with MMC’s first building products client.


Back in 1989, MMC had the privilege of connecting with a client who has successfully reshaped the sales and marketing strategy in the HVAC market. Our founder Dan Babcock wanted to look back on the ways MMC was involved in supporting the company’s growth over the years.

Why did you reach out to MMC?

In 1989, the HVAC business I was working for did a good job selling equipment for new construction, but they did a very, very poor job on the replacement market. We had heavy competition and needed a way to break through.

I remember calling MMC late in the day. I got a hold of you, Dan, and I wasn't articulating our needs very well, but finally, you said: You want to bypass the middleman. And I said, yeah, that's exactly what we need to do.

How did MMC help?

MMC helped us devise a strategy to break into the replacement market—and a way to prove the concept. We started with a test market. Once we knew the approach was effective we moved forward. In 18 to 24 months we took the share on that product from 12 points up to about 25 points. So it was a huge, huge success.

Fast forward and the company decided to let me run its premier product brand. There were a lot of issues with two-step distribution, and the main issue was communication. The factory had products and programs, and they tried to roll them out through their distributors, but it wasn't getting through.

Together with MMC, we found ways to get communications out through distribution, but we also followed through directly with contractors. And the amount of information finally getting to the contractors was tremendous. We had record years for the next two or three years.

Moving forward further, we shopped the program we developed and found a way to support another worldwide leader in the residential and commercial HVAC market in 2008. We used the same strategy to fill a huge hole they had in the boat. In 2018, We captured a major distributor, and delivered a strong ROI, so the program is paying for itself. Happy partners, all around.

What would you tell someone about MMC?

The strategy we developed in 1989 was solid, and it’s still effective today in 2022. We started with a business strategy and then wrapped an effective marketing program around it. If you want a marketing partner that thinks beyond the obvious, talk to MMC. You’ve truly been a partner over the years.

Ready for a New Approach?

If your sales and marketing channels aren’t performing or you want a fresh approach to reaching your audiences, MMC can help. We look closely at ways we can optimize your efforts and bring strategies to the table with staying power. Our team of specialists then brings your strategies to life with relevant messaging and attention-grabbing creative products that drive business results.

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