It's time to accomplish those double-digit online sales projections you've been working toward.

Did you know that the average distributor gets approximately 20% of their annual sales from 80% of their customers? This “long tail” of customers can feel fragmented, transitory, and expensive to serve.

Now, more than ever, distributors are realizing the need for self-service for this cohort of customers. This means enabling customers to check product availability, receive price quotes, and place orders online. The biggest benefit of converting customers to self-service is a lower cost to serve.

Other benefits include:

  • A better customer experience

  • More loyal customers

  • An increase in revenue via a reduction in customer churn

  • A significant increase in cross-sales

Here at MMC, we realize how important these benefits are to your customers, which is why we're excited to share four proven keys to success with you:

  1. Provide your customers with the ability to access information about products, stock, and deliveries from the jobsite—anywhere, anytime

  2. Provide your customers with access to information at any physical location—by phone, on the web, and across mobile devices

  3. Make fast in-store and online access to information available to your customers

  4. Consistently promote and educate your customers on the benefits of self-service through an omnichannel approach

Using these keys to success is measured by converting our clients’ long-tail customers to self-service. We know that our strategy, which melds data, analytics and an omnichannel approach works.

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