Growing Current Customers

A traditional distributor assigns accounts to a field sales rep who derives 80% of their annual sales from 10 or fewer accounts, according to The Indian River Consulting Group.

Meanwhile, an average distributor has thousands of customers. Whose managing these other accounts? These “house accounts” are managed by branch counter personnel or in some cases inside sales. A branch counter person has difficulty managing accounts along with their other responsibilities. Inside sales are busy answering the phone and providing price quotes, product availability and taking orders. They’re not proactively managing these high margin house accounts. An analysis of these accounts shows that as a group, they decrease in value most years by an average of 15%. That’s where we come in. We have a proven methodology to reach, stabilize and grow these small and mid-sized accounts. The key? Account Based Marketing (ABM). Analytically determining where a customer is on their CX Journey and communicating to them in a relevant manner. Proactive. Multi-Channel. Relevant messaging. It works.

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