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Leveraging First Party Data and Digital to Acquire New Contractors

In the digital age, HVAC businesses are facing a customer acquisition challenge unlike anything ever seen before in the industry. We’re in the midst of the “Great Retirement” and over 40% of Pros are set to trade in their toolbelts for flip flops. Who is coming in to replace that 40%? Younger, more digitally present Pros?

With this new wave of Pros comes the challenge of trying to engage them in a very saturated digital space. Here, we are highlighting the experience of a major, national HVAC company that was faced with this challenge, and how we helped them not only gain a strong footing in a new market, but also attract newer Pros and increase ROI.

The challenge

For this HVAC company, there was more at stake than the ongoing changing of the guard. They were facing the obstacle of finding new and qualified prospects in a new market, and they had to find a way to engage this audience enough to choose their company over their competitors.

A large contributor to these challenges was limited bandwidth, the rising cost of acquisition, and the time investment needed to sustain the effort it would take to break into this new market.

They were testing uncharted waters for their business and realized that their success hinged on finding the right partner to navigate those waters with them.

This is where MMC (Modern Marketing & Commerce) came in to help.

Exploring omnichannel

Digital is about more than just launching a couple of ad campaigns and hoping for the best. Digital success is about carefully crafted touchpoints that propel your audience toward a call to action or a sale. The secret ingredient to digital success is having a deep understanding of who your audience is.

After working closely with the client, we used our first-party Pro data to help us create the ideal campaign audience, focusing on those Pros with the highest potential to engage. From this data, we were able to build a geotargeted digital campaign that was hyper-personalized for this specific audience.

Our omnichannel campaign highlighted the client’s robust catalog of products and services by using programmatic ads, personalized emails, and the voice channel. We also created a landing page for this campaign where Pros could fill out a form to establish a line of credit and increase customer loyalty.

The right partner, the right channels

After only six months, this HVAC distributor acquired 112 new B2B customers and increased its average first-order size to $495. The average customer acquisition cost was only $70, giving them a 5:1 ROI.

MMC helped them fill their pipeline and drove sales through the channel, ensuring their new digital efforts would be successful. Unlike other digital agencies, MMC took them beyond just lead generation, we used Pro data and a digital first strategy to help them navigate entirely new waters for their business.

What does the future look like for this HVAC company? Based on the success of this new market campaign, it’s bright and promising.

Who we are

Modern Marketing & Commerce is a sales and marketing firm that has been servicing the manufacturing and distribution industries for over 35 years. Built for the unique needs of B2B and B2B2C companies, we have developed sales and marketing methods that have resulted in an average of 29% sales growth for our clients.

We are digital-first, helping our clients navigate the new challenges of eCommerce, omnichannel, and the most lucrative usage of their Pro data.

We aren’t just a marketing firm, we drive sales through the channel.

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