Staffing Shortages

Have you been struggling to maintain a full staff of truck drivers, warehouse, and branch counter personnel? The national staffing shortage has aggravated the challenge of branch counter people balancing the responsibilities of managing the counter and answering the phone simultaneously.

MMC has developed a product to meet this emerging need by centralizing the incoming phone calls of all branch locations to a professional Pro Team alleviating 80-90% of the phone traffic. We transfer calls to the branch that only they can handle. By answering commonly asked questions, providing price quotes and scheduling product delivery or pick-up we can improve the customer experience while enabling branch counter personnel more time to develop relationships with those that come into the store.

Our approach allows us to hire people with industry experience that choose the lifestyle of work from home. Additionally, we can hire bilingual agents to consistently meet the needs of Spanish speaking customers.

This new service has proven to be a revenue generating tool by extending cross-sell offers to customers resulting in a 20% increase in average order size. Those customers not immediately accepting the cross-sell offer receive marketing communications extending the conversation digitally. We also use this opportunity to educate these customers on the distributors online service encouraging them to use this powerful self-service tool.

This new world view is here to stay. Are you ready to adopt a new approach?

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