Virtual Sales Best Practices

In recent years, B2B firms used remote interactions as a temporary solution, a way to stay in touch with customers while sales reps worked from home. Now, it has become increasingly clear that virtual selling is here to stay. Whether your sales team is accustomed to the art and science of virtual selling or just starting, here are some best practices that your team can begin implementing today. 

  1. Be Prepared  A virtual meeting requires the same preparation as a face-to-face meeting. Test your technology in advance and research your customer or prospect to anticipate potential blunders that can diminish sales performance. Keep your audience engaged throughout your call and avoid digital and "work-from-anywhere" distractions.

  2. Observe  Being present and attentive while selling is key; this is especially true during the virtual sales process. Consider having a spotter on the call to help gauge the participants' body language. You can ask them to tell you which participants agree or disagree with you, or even who they notice is losing interest. Good leaders have always known how to read the room, but today's best leaders also know how to read the ZOOM!

  3. Establish Trust  LinkedIn's "Global State of Sales Report 2020"  broke down the essentials for sales managers into "5 key global insights,"  Trust was at the top of the list. It states,   "Trust is essential in the sales process. Yet buyers and sellers find it in short supply. Breaking through the mistrust is key to unlocking revenue, becoming a trusted advisor — and getting the deal done."   In his book "Virtual Selling", Jeb Blount emphasizes that for your stakeholders to trust your process and, more importantly, start to trust you, you must provide them with an excellent experience. The key is to be relatable, assertive, and confident so that those on the other side can open up and begin to trust you.

  4. Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera  It's one thing to meet people in person, but to chat with someone on camera is something else entirely. Vidyard provides several tips to make you more camera-ready; these will have a great impact on your ability to effectively engage virtually.

  5. Continually Enhance Virtual Skills  In today's information-driven world, you can access countless sources on the web anywhere, using any device.  Carve out time to sharpen your sales and interpersonal skills each week. You may even stumble upon free training courses and certifications like these from  LinkedIn Learning.  

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