The sales process is ready for reinvention​

MMC partners with organizations to extend sales reach, build stronger customer relationships, and deliver year-over-year results.


Reach More PROs

Assign us your hardest-to-reach customers, prospects, & markets

It is an economic impossibility to reach all pros in all markets with field-sales alone. Outsource your long-tail accounts that MMC will manage on behalf of your brand for a cost-of-sale.

Uncover deeper relationships & opportunities with contractors

We leverage our proprietary process that combines data and analytics, virtual sales, and multi-channel marketing to create a customer experience that generates long-term loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Access our fully managed solution that delivers results

MMC designs, plans, and executes your end-to-end growth plan that will deliver results year-over-year. All it takes is a quick call with our Business Development team to get started.

Do you experience the following
channel sales stress?

  • Too many accounts assigned to each field rep

  • Accounts assigned to reps to justify a figure of dollars under management, rather than true ability to cover

  • Large number of unassigned accounts that are not growing as fast as field managed accounts

  • Lag in sales of new products, broad product sets, and/or non-core accessories

  • Over-reliance on field sales as the only channel of communications or management

  • Lack of utilization of key support programs by customers

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