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A New Corporate Structure Built

For Delivering Results

We believe that when our people work as one team with one common goal, it leads to better outcomes. That’s why we’ve transitioned from our traditional department model to PODS that we define as dedicated client teams made up of specialized roles and accountabilities for delivering the best strategies, programs, and business results. Below is a breakdown of each POD role and their core responsibilities to help deliver growth.

Transition To "Work-From-Anywhere"

Since the onset of the pandemic, 97% of our workforce has transitioned to a “work-from-anywhere” model. All employees are equipped with secure technology and virtual tools to keep our day-to-day operations running efficiently and effectively. Our in-house print and fulfillment team is considered essential and has continued operating out of our facility headquartered in Binghamton, NY.
There are currently no official plans to return to the office; however, we are exploring hoteling options and ways that employees could safely work from our office and hold face-to-face meetings when necessary.
Overall, we’ve seen immense opportunities come from our new policy. It’s increased our prospective talent pool, allowing us to hire the best-in-class talent across the country, which has, in turn, exposed us to new ideas and strategies to make our client programs more sophisticated.
Most of all, our remote transition has significantly reinforced our core values as an outsourced sales and marketing organization. Many of our clients across manufacturing and distribution cannot avoid the impact COVID-19 has had on their sales organizations, and the hyper-accelerated need to master virtual selling techniques to reach customers effectively. The core of MMC has always been to increase sales reach with alternative channels that lower the cost of doing business, and our mission has only become more crucial during these times.
If you’re exploring a new go-to-market strategy or looking for enhanced ways to reach your customers, our team is available to discuss how we can partner with your organization to continue achieving sales growth in the “new normal.”

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