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Hear from Our Graduates 

“The MMC STEP Program kickstarted my career in medical device sales, allowing me to use my knowledge and background of science and healthcare that I love, while also allowing me to utilize my strengths in sales and marketing.”

Matt Hendrickson

Associate Territory Rep for an MMC

healthcare client 

Our Training Programs Are Designed to Build Essential Business Skills

MMC has built a library of case studies and as a Gartner partner, enjoys access to the latest marketing and sales intelligence, industry expertise, and training materials allowing our teams to develop their skills at MMC and beyond.


A mentoring program where senior sales associates voluntarily coach junior team members on how to build essential sales skills and become top performers. CORECoaching is a proven philosophy aimed at career advancement and job satisfaction.

Building Products University & Healthcare University

All MMC employees are invited to participate and complete certification programs facilitated by MMC leaders across four pillars of learning: 

• The Sales Pillar: Combines top sales theories with industry expertise to boost our sales team’s knowledge on proven sales approaches that grow revenue for our clients. Employees learn how to meet internal goals, make sound decisions, and build beneficial client relationships that produce results.  

• The Industry Pillar: Teaches effective go-to-market strategies and business operations processes for select industries in our client portfolio.  

• The Account Pillar: Focuses on a specific client business including a deep-dive into their products, services, structure and people. 

•The MMC Pillar: Department-specific learning to enhance on-the-job skills including Microsoft Suite classes, leadership, coaching and other relevant opportunities. 

License to Fly

Every inside sales employee embarks on a strategically designed and comprehensive onboarding plan. Employees are immersed in scenario-based learning initiatives on fundamentals to identify client needs and pain points, address challenges as they arise, and to offer compelling customized solutions that cover all of the above. This program includes an overview of Building Products University and Healthcare University principles along with reviewing account and industry-specific programs to ensure our team can effectively communicate with our core clients.

STEP Program

Looking for a rewarding career path? Step up! This 18-month program is a launchpad for your career in sales. As an Inside Sales Professional you will learn the ins and outs about our clients and how to be a successful seller. Earn a salary while investing in your future. At the end of the program you will be well prepared and positioned to step into a full-time sales role.

Hear from our clients 

 "MMC is an outstanding business partner. They know data and have been able to dissect the information into manageable marketing segments that have helped us grow our business and name recognition exponentially. Their team is extremely professional and efficient with their communication to my key stakeholders, which has allowed us to get content in front of our customers in days when it used to take us weeks. Thank you, MMC, for helping us grow!"

- Sales Director, Facilities Supplier

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