Maximize PRO sales & customer loyalty

Amazon and other digital marketplaces' seamless 24/7 commerce experiences will become the baseline for PROs. Integrate with MMC's Virtual Branch to uncover incremental value in existing channels. Delight customers and right-size investment in physical locations while maximizing your territory's share of market. 


Meet the Virtual Branch


Our virtual reps support overburdened counters, staffing shortages, and can work in areas where you aren’t.


We are open 24/7, available when the PRO needs us, through digital and traditional channels.


Data drives all interactions. Voice of the customer, ERP, CRM, and other data is then captured and iterated back into the Customer Data Platform.


Our team, integrated with your channels, drives higher revenue per order and PRO lifetime value. 


Our team includes skilled native Spanish speakers, building brand loyalty across multiple languages.

MMC’S WAYFINDER makes data actionable and drives commerce.


Virtual Branch Benefits

  • Increase customer purchasing frequency

  • Increase average order size

  • Reduce customer churn

  • Acquire new customers

  • Drive e-commerce 

  • Delight customers


Grow revenue and reduce cost of sale.
Drive new sales opportunities.
Create loyal customer advocates.

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